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  • Use GitHub Copilot in VS Code Tutorial

    Use GitHub Copilot in VS Code Tutorial

    Embarking on the journey of software development demands the mastery of many tools, each designed to streamline the creative process and unlock the full potential of our coding capabilities. One indispensable asset in this digital age is Visual Studio Code (VS Code), a versatile and powerful editor that supports the complexities and nuances of modern…

  • Diverse Screw Types Explained

    Diverse Screw Types Explained

    At first glance, the humble screw may appear to be a simple and ubiquitous component of everyday life, but beneath its unassuming exterior lies a complex legacy of innovation and specialization. The story of the screw is one of evolutionary excellence, mirroring the arc of human development and ingenuity. From the wooden screws of the…

  • Creative Uses for Your Old iPhone 3G

    Creative Uses for Your Old iPhone 3G

    With the rapid pace of technological advancement, many of us find ourselves with outdated gadgets collecting dust in drawers, one of which might be the venerable iPhone 3G. This piece of technology, while no longer cutting-edge, still holds potential for creative repurposing that can breathe new life into its once-revolutionary frame. Exploring the assortment of…

  • Mastering WSL for Dev Environments

    Mastering WSL for Dev Environments

    In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, agility and versatility have become paramount for professionals seeking to harness the full potential of their development environments. At the heart of this pursuit lies the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a groundbreaking innovation that amalgamates the robustness of Linux with the familiarity of Windows. In this exploration,…

  • Infrared vs Bluetooth: Remote Rivalry

    Infrared vs Bluetooth: Remote Rivalry

    Welcome to the invisible duel that’s been shaping your tech experience, often without you even knowing it. On one side, we have Infrared (IR) technology, an old-school contender that commands your electronics with a flick of the wrist and a beam of light. On the other, Bluetooth, the younger, dynamic challenger, uses radio waves to…

  • Build an Arcade Table with Raspberry Pi 5

    Build an Arcade Table with Raspberry Pi 5

    Gaming enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists alike revel in the nostalgia and joy that comes with constructing a custom arcade table. At the heart of this endeavor lies the Raspberry Pi 5, a powerful and versatile microcomputer capable of breathing life into your arcade gaming aspirations. This guide is designed to walk you through the nuances…

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    21st century newfangled technology doesn’t prevent me from needing to reverse engineer the proper sequence to make the television tuner actually work. Turn on, wait until blue screen flashes once, turn off, wait until it makes a loud click, turn back on and hope for a picture. If no picture, repeat.